Wiring Harnesses ——————————————

Call for application and price


Suspension ————————————————

68-74 Multi leaf rear springs $ 269.00 pr

Front springs $ 69.00 pr and up

Front end rebuild kit- includes upper and lower ball joints, control arm bushings, sway bar endlinks, and outer tie rod ends

68-70 $ 199.00 & up

71-74 $ 219.00 & up


Battery Trays ———————————————

62-67 $ 20.00

68-74 $ 16.00


V8 Engine Mounts/Frame Adapters——————

62-4 $ 99.00 pr


Vintage Air Retrofit Air Conditioning Kits———

These kits offer an easy, no-drilling or cutting alternative to finding, reconditioning and installing a factory original setup. Kits include everything necessary to convert a non-air car to air or to upgrade a non-functional original-air car. Vintage Air kits offer lighter weight, greater performance, use of factory controls and vent/defroster outlets, floor heat, and uses the newer HFC-134a refrigerant. Plus, everything fits under the dash making for a clean firewall. Includes condenser, compressor and bracket, pre-crimped hoses and fittings, underdash unit containing heater core and evaporator, safety low pressure switch, ducting, and comprehensive instructions. Requires charging with refrigerant when installation is completed.

When ordering, please specify year, engine, factory

A/C or non-air, power steering, and any other important options (We will ask for any necessary information about your vehicle.)

Available for 64-72 $995.00 & up


Disc Brake Conversions ———————————

Conversions include: spindles, backing plates, rotors, bearings, calipers, new pads, and steering knuckles.

62-67 - call

68-72 ..........$449.00

Front Brake hoses $24.00 each


Literature —————————————————

62-74 Owner’s manuals $ 9.00

62-74 Assembly manuals From $ 20.00